This weekend while at church the phrase came to me “Your life is a prayer”. We have several 2 step processes in place as follows:

Peter                                                   Paul

light                                                     life

make all thy bed                               life is a prayer

treasures of darkness                     a witness to the people

MERCY                                               TRUTH

Lion                                                    Lamb

Adversary                                          GOD

We live in a world where death rules over life, fear rules over freedom and liberty, and sacrifice rules over human dignity. GOD is LIFE and only LIFE. It is the ADVERSARY that is DEATH. Isaiah 14 speaks of this state of humanity.Here is the kicker. To stand and fight in violence is to take on the ways of the adversary. So what is it that GOD has that needs no defense neither is it offensive? That stands toe to toe with the Adversary in LIFE and LOVE. That offers to the ADVERSARY SALVATION, that which is GOD. You see, one cannot pretend to be GOD as the ADVERSARY pretends, simply by ruling over the people in fear. The ADVERSARY may gain the whole world yet has lost it’s soul. Oh well, just rambling some thoughts here. Still evolving with all this. Love and Peace

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Images of God

For the past 19 years it was my perceived image of God, that of love, that has kept me afloat when everything else said I was drowning. I’ve learned a lot along the way, GOD’s LAW of MERCY and TRUTH where MERCY is self-governance and TRUTH is sovereignty. That the role of GOD’s courts is to TEACH GOD’s LAW by EXAMPLE and COUNSEL in WORD. I’ve been taught to let my life unfold thus honoring the freewill of all humanity, friend or foe; this due to the fact that the cornerstone of GOD’S LAW is FREEWILL. I’ve been shown a stone with a pattern whose design is beyond words or imagination, this design I’ve learned is the pattern that is HUMAN DIGNITY. I realize that GOD’S design is for all, none to be left behind. How is this possible with so much sin and wickedness? It is because for humanity this life is to be an education where the LAW is a help and a guide in teaching us by example and in word the art of self-government, honoring the sovereignty of each being. Sin and wickedness do not rest on the shoulders of the people. It rests on the shoulders of the law. It is the ADVERSARY or as we know it the adversarial process that shoulders the responsibility for the people. This sytem has turned from GOD’s LAW and sought dominion over the earth, it’s inhabitants, and humanity. To the ADVERSARY is SALVATION offered. And it is to this that I realize I must let go of my image of GOD and be that vessel in which GOD may do that which Isaiah referred to as a MARVELOUS WORK AND A WONDER.

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The Race or maybe a dance

What’s up for grabs? We’ve heard the saying “to the victor go the spoils”. What are the spoils? Scripture refers to that which the wicked possess shall be given to the righteous. What is this the wicked possess and who are the wicked and who are the righteous? My take on the race is this: What’s up for grabs is Human Dignity. The race is GOD and the ADVERSARY. The focal point of this race is LAW. GOD’s LAW is MERCY (Self-government) and TRUTH (Sovereignty). Each being is self-governing and sovereign. The role of the courts is to teach by example and in WORD the art of self-government to the people, honoring the sovereignty of each being. GOD’s LAW empowers each being to be the LAW unto oneself, honoring the same in all other beings. GOD only gives. The ADVERSARY would have you believe it is the law, and the rule of law must be obeyed or you are to be punished, be it jail, prison, fines, blame, shame, and guilt unless ofcourse you have some how found favor with the ADVERSARY. The ADVERSARY giveth and taketh away. The ADVERSARY is very busy right now setting up the rules and regulations to monitor every action of humanity. A young man in Texas lifted his arms forward as his team won the relay, qualifying for state finals. This was considered excessive celebration and the team was disqualified. An MMA fighter went back to Brazil rather than attend a media event set up for him and was fined $50,000.00. For the ADVERSARY we are told that a root of all evil is all about the money. No, go a little deeper and it’s all about enslaving humanity. Now, the ADVERSARY has a system, a system of fear, of blame, shame, and guilt. That system is the adversarial system, the very one in which our police officers, lawyers, and judges reside. The ADVERSARY uses this system to steal, rape, murder, and abuse the hearts and souls of humanity.
So where are we? We are in HELL. And the ADVERSARY rules HELL via the adversarial system. Is GOD here? YES. GOD is here offering SALVATION to the ADVERSARY. What is required for the ADVERSARY to accept this offer of SALVATION? To turn unto GOD, teach GOD’s LAW of MERCY and TRUTH, by example and in WORD. To teach the people the art of self-governance rather than to govern over the people while honoring the inherent sovereignty of each being. The cornerstone of GOD’s LAW is FREEWILL. So, in this context SALVATION is not received by the ADVERSARY if the ADVERSARY does not desire SALVATION.
A note for the ADVERSARY: Authority gives direction. Punishment has no authority, it is simply bullying.
As for humanity that is yet to unfold.

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A New Song/A New Thing

However this transformation or salvation is going to take place one fact is for sure, the concept must be such that it honors the individual’s sovereignty, believing in each being a self-governing body. How that looks for me is different than every other being yet in harmony with all. We are not going in the direction of more rules, regulations, and punishments. We are moving in the direction of each being a law unto oneself, harmony, and dignity. Namaste, Love, and Peace.

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Do we first need to understand where we are?

Good question. Years ago I decided I needed to place everything I had been taught to be true, over my 42 years of life, on the table. I then needed to allow my life to unfold which prevented me from any form of goal setting since I had no idea the direction my life would take me in teaching me my life lessons. As I received these lessons revealing that what I was taught to be true was in fact a myth, I was constantly having to place it all on the table for tomorrow that which I was taught yesterday may be myth today. It has been a gradual process working oneself out of the grave and each layer of dirt, while not true, is a little less true than the deeper layer of dirt. Until one rises out of the grave and into the light where all this is irrelevent and you see the world with open eyes. Or so it seems. Even now, I know that I must remain true to my training and continue to keep everything I now believe to be true on the table and let my life unfold. I have been instructed that my bed has been made for me. I have been promised that I shall not be ashamed. I have been reminded that I am on a journey that is already done, so enjoy it. My teachers, many whom I once considered my enemies, have been diligent in my education. We all need to feel a part of something bigger than oneself, I think. To rise up while so many remain buried is of no satisfaction nor is it fulfilling. To rise up and all rise with you, now that is what this is all about, I think. Not to receive credit, instead for the dignity that is human for all beings. We make jest of the comment that “I am going to raise a little hell”, yet consider that this is hell. Then we are all in this together and none can be left behind. To leave any behind is to fail to raise. I know I am in the right space since this needs to be done in a way that GOD is glorified and GOD is the harmony of all humanity. Or so it seems to me. 🙂

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Accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision, or recommendation. What is it to Abide in the Lord and the Lord will abide in you? Words that come to mind are peacefulness, serenity, calm, confidence. Reminds me also of the scripture that reads “And I shall make all thy bed”. In a world in which we condemn and belittle humans saying “you made your bed now you lay in it” this scripture suggests otherwise. Has the Lord made your bed? Perhaps you have not awakened to this fact. Perhaps you have taken on yourself the abuse of others, particularly the adversarial system, and beat yourself up as well. Did you know that the salvation we shall all observe, spoken of in scripture, is the salvation of the Adversary, aka the adversarial system? Course of Miracles would suggest this is the bride and the bridegroom spoken of in scripture. LOVE and PEACE Namaste

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What is preparation? I’ve been watching a movie “Talking to Heaven” and the main character refers to the angst felt as a young child in having dreams where his mother died and met with his grandmother. Some 50 years later his mother is dying and he mentions to a psychologist that he thought he had prepared himself for this moment. Preparation has been a mainstay of individual and collective development. We prepare ourselves as a hedge against troubling times with education, religion, work/money, and even philosophy. We are in want of something that will help us feel and be good when times may not be so good. I’ve written this because the first thought that came to mind is that in preparation we are really stuck in our views, lacking growth and evolution, since the preparation is based upon that same old view. It’s like trying to prepare for a downward spiraling economy by saving what money you do have and earn, putting a stop to unnecessary and even some necessary expenditures, and renegotiating your contracts. Your view as to how the economy functions has not changed. Your preparation is consistent with your view.  Now, let’s say that you look at all this and realize this view and preparation, while it may work for you, has many aspects that have a harmful impact on others. If you’re an employer you may have laid off people and your suppliers whom you have now cut back your expenditures with are laying off some of their people.

Perhaps preparation or the movement toward preparation should be telling us that something is wrong with the model we are residing within. A model that would be leaning toward conformity rather than diversity. A model that is obviously oppressive rather than liberating. A model that would victimize rather than empower.

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